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Disable touchpad driver diognostic popup

synaptic diognostic

I’m a big fan or Resharper, and one of the shortcut I use often are the ”Shift + Alt + L” that will locate the current file in the solution explorer! Awesome!

We got new computers at work with Windows 10 and the shortcut ”Shift + Alt + L” seemed to bring up the ”Touchpad Driver Diognostic Popup”, it generates a log file and the system asks if you want to look in the directory where it is stored.

NOTE: Solution below do changes the register, so you do this on your own responsibility.

To disable the popup, run the commando prompt as administrator and run the following code:

Restart the computer, and there you go! no more annoying popup!

Create SHH keys with PuttyGen (Putty Key Generator )

If you ever need to generate SSH keys I whould suggest you to use Putty Key Generator (PuttyGen) If you need to download PuttGen you can find it on this download page: This page You can select to only download the PuttyGen tool or a complete set of tools (wich I suggest you doso you get Putty, Putty is a free open source software wich helps you with SSH connections.) After you have downloaded the package that you feelt was for you, just search on PuttyGen and klick the result as listed below.