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Auto complete search with Knockout

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I’m starting to like knockout more and more.
We have used it for a while now in my project at work, and when I start something new that will be on the web I always end up with Knockout these days.

The other day I got a task: ”We want an autocomplete search”. Not a big deal, I first combined a knockout binding with jqueryUI’s autocomplete, and then the fun started.
My first question against this was, do I really need jQueryUI? And why do we have it in our project (couldn’t think of any part of the solution that used jQueryUI).

So I wrote my own binding, a knockout binding for a input element, that’s doing an ajax request to the server and showing the result down below the element. The source code with a example project can be found at github: Knockout Autocomplete

You can get the binding from nuget, simply run the install command with KnockoutAutocomplete as name:


The package will give you a small CSS file and a js file for the binding, the js file looks something like this:

It’s quite simple to use.

After you have installed the package, reference the js and css file that was installed by the package.
Add an element that uses the binding: (Configuration) A url that should return a list of json. Items should contain a ”id” property and a ”label” property, a selectCallback function that will be executed when clicking (selecting a item)

Add a observable property for your viewmodel = ko.observable(”).extend({ throttle: 300 });
Adding a throttle so we dont make a request to the server each keypress
Add a function to your viewmodel that will be executed when clicking ( selecting an item) self.selectItemCallback = function(data) { //dosomething with the selected item console.log(data); }

Done and Enjoy!

If you have any toughts or comments let me know, either here, my Github page or Twitter.

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  1. When I install the nuget package to a .net core application I cannot seem to find the files. I have manually included them. Just letting your know.